Feasibility Studies:
"Build it and they will come" is dangerous thinking.

If you are considering building, purchasing or expanding a hotel or resort property,
make certain you’re making the most informed decisions. Look to Key Management
Group to provide the objective, thorough and essential information you need to make
those judgments.

First, we identify your goals and objectives. All analysis factors are evaluated against those benchmark goals and objectives. Does the project fit?

We customize your feasibility study to ensure maximum reliability and value of its
information. A study can include any or all of the following modules:

Marketing Research:
Who will be – or should be – your prospective customers?

A Demographics Analysis will enable you to identify and understand the customer
base you can expect to attract and assess its profitability value.

A Marketing Overview provides you with a wide-perspective view of the marketplace
in which you will be competing - including important trends that can impact profitability.

A Competitive Market Analysis is essential to identify and assess your
competition…and strategize your positioning to achieve a competitive advantage.

Economic Analysis:
We put the numbers to the project to assess its financial viability. Do the numbers work?
We outline and clarify assumptions, sources of business, identify and define market
segments and provide a hypothetical financial pro forma for the project.

We put all the information together and offer an analytical set of recommendations
of how to best make the project work, if feasible… or rethink the approach to make
it feasible.

Takeover/Development/PreOpening Services:

  • Franchise affiliation including evaluations and agreements
  • Immediately secure and stabilize complete asset including hotel staff
  • Inventories of all physical assets including FF&E, silver, glass, china, and expendables
  • Analysis of cash position upon takeover
  • Identification of capital investment requirements
  • Construction and renovation management including design assistance
  • Full due diligence

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