Pre-Opening Consulting

Before you commit substantial dollars…

Make certain all the early decisions are the right decisions.

Too many properties spend their first year or two after opening making up for ill-advised decisions made early.

Key Management Group will help you make informed decisions grounded on expertise and experience.


Key Management Group will deliver a pre-opening marketing plan. This plan will include marketing positioning and advertising campaign proposals for the pre-opening stage of the project. Key Management Group will develop all logos, designs and marketing concepts.

Food and Beverage

Key Management Group will develop all food and beverage concepts including – but not limited to – kitchen equipment, restaurant design, menu design, recipes, restaurant and bar concepts, employee training and procedures prior to opening.


Key Management Group will recommend and review all equipment proposed by architects during the construction phase, including all kitchen equipment, security and surveillance, laundry equipment, safety and HVAC equipment.


Key Management Group will make recommendations on casino equipment. Key Management Group will also present to the owner a casino pre-opening marketing plan. Key Management Group will establish procedures and training for employees, casino accounting procedures, hard count and soft count procedures and all casino operation procedures during the pre-opening phase.


Key Management Group will establish a pre-opening budget. Key Management Group will also establish a pre-opening checklist to address such issues as opening of bank operating accounts, merchant account numbers, employee benefits, human relations procedures, insurance policies and service contracts.


Key Management Group will assist in identifying and recruiting key management and sales personnel during the pre-opening stage. Key Management Group will establish operational guidelines and procedures. Key Management Group will assist in the selection of FF&E to insure first-class operational standards and invite an inspection by the "American Hospitality Institute" so as to establish five-star rating qualifications for the owner.


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